UMR Arscan, Environmental Archaeology Team

UFR Art and Archeology, UFR03
Institut of Art and Archaelogy

The Environmental Archaeology team brings together researchers who, beyond their source of information, their analysis tools and their period of study, wish to identify and characterize the relationships between societies and the environment. Interdisciplinary and diachronic, it is constantly developing and reformulating its problems according to research developments and its own perception of the scientific stakes. Since its creation within UMR 7041 in 2000, the Environmental Archaeology team has developed on the premises of the Maison de l’Archéologie et de l’Ethnologie R. Ginouvès, on the Nanterre University campus.

Rather than a disciplinary organization of the team’s work, it was decided to focus on a thematic construction with a progression from the materiality of the archaeological elements to the reflection on the objects specific to our research:
1. at the level of the materials (or materials) concerned; exploitation of resources and media.
2. at the level of structuring the remains on a variable scale (from the structures necessary for a technical process to witnesses of the organisation of the territory) and their chronological attribution; layout, structuring and temporality of spaces.
3. at the level of structural, social and societal evolutions, integrating the notion of long term as the archaeologist’s private tool; interaction society environments.

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