Sunoyster Systems Gmbh

SunOyster Systems GmbH is the manufacturer of the SunOyster located in Northern Germany near Hamburg. The SunOyster is a concentrated solar tracker with a hybrid electrical/thermal receiver at its heart. Segments of parabolic mirror concentrate the sun light onto the receiver. Inside the receiver secondary optical elements concentrate the light further onto high-efficiency multi-junction photo voltaic cells. A water cooling systems helps control the PV-cell temperatures and transports the generated heat to the customer. For the generation of electricity standard components from silicon based PV technology are used. SunOyster faces multiple challenges where we strongly interested in a collaboration: – Generalization of the mounting structure to the ground, which in the field can be anything from soil, gravel, a concrete roof or a metallic substructure. (civil engineering) – Developing a light-weight Sandwich mirror structure (mechanical engineer) – Programming and modelling of the mechanical behavior and loads of the machine (IT) – Fully automated commissioning and orientation (control theory) – Data acquisition setup and evaluation of data, including server communication (IT, data sciences) – Evaluation of leak tightness of receiver hull: The atmosphere in the receiver is well defined, several technologies have to be evaluated for a future design of the gas tight receiver hull. Aside from these specific topics we’re generally interested in suggestions for collaboration.

Office Desk and IT Infrastructure near Hamburg. Production and lab environment near Enge-Sande close to the island of Sylt in Northern Frisia. Test setups can be built as required.

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