Protein Crystallography Research Group

Ma?opolska Centre of Biotechnology
Małopolska Centre of Biotechnology

My research Team focuses on inhibitor development and determination, interpretation and understanding of X-ray structures of biological molecules involved in: (i) cancer, (ii) diabetes and (ii) pathogenesis of microorganisms. We supplement strucutral research with broad understanding of the systems of interest with a number of other methodologies of modern biology. Additionally we provide expertise in collaborative undertakings in multiple areas of basic and applied research. The Team is composed of 12 PhD students and Postdocs. The laboratory is located in one of the leading Institues in Poland with science oriented, open and international atmosphere. The laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art modern devices allowing to perform all experiments necessary for structural characterization of proteins and complexes and much more (ie. molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, imaging, etc.).

1. Structural characterization and inhibitor development in the area of immune checkpoints. 2. Functional studies on Myd88 immune adaptor. 3. Modulation of kinase activities to facilitate treatment of diabetes. 4. Inhibitor development of peroxisomal proteins in treatment of Chagas disease (Trypanosoma cruzi). 5. Targeted delivery of proteins into cells by utilization of bacterial toxins.

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