Professorship for late prehistoric and protohistoric archaeology

Department of History and Cultural Studies
Institute for Prehistoric Archaeology

The Focus of the Research Group lies in the Late Iron Age and Imperial Period in Central Europe and South Eastern Europe. Our main approach is Settlement archaeology; all our field projects include cooperation with Earth sciences to achieve reconstructions of the palaeo landscape. Special Topics of interest are prehistoric economy and innovations, the archaeology of conflict, asymmetrical contact situations and migrations. Within our Group Research also deals with the archaeology of Islands and with archaeometry – with a specific Focus on scientific ceramic Analysis.

Our current excavation Projects deal with Settlements of migrants of the Late Iron Age in Central Germany (Przeworsk-Culture) as well as in the Republic of Moldova (Poienesti-Lukasevka-Culture). A Long time Project focusses on the germanic-roman battlefield of Harzhorn in Lower Saxony, Germany.

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