Professor Rothe, Digital Entrepreneurship Hub

Department of Information Systems
Faculty of Business and Economics

The Digital Entrepreneurship Hub was founded by professors Rothe, Sundermeier, and Gersch in 2017. The research team of Professor Rothe studies the intersections between data organizing, digital entrepreneurship, and digital infrastructures. Since 2018, the group has focused their attention on entrepreneurs and infrastructures that organize bio data (genomic and phenotype data). As part of this endeavors, the group has launched a global community and international conference series, called Towards Health Futures (next conference 2020 in Austin, Texas, Research is conducted in close collaboration with the EMBL EBI and ELIXIR, which reside in Cambridge, UK. As part of the digital entrepreneurship hub, the group works closely with start-ups from FU Berlin and the wider Berlin start-up ecosystem. Professor Rothe coordinates entrepreneurship education at FU Berlin and represents FU Berlin in the board of the European Postdocs-to-Innovators network (, which gives not only access to a wide array of scientists to work with across Europe but also science-based entrepreneurs to study.

The group of Professor Rothe studies bio data organizing. Extant research has focused for instance on mechanisms of value appropriation from genomic data. Currently, the group investigates three areas in this domain. 1. Influence of syntactic and semantic stability of bio data on digital innovation. 2. Influence of biases in bio data on digital innovation. 3. Developing design principles for open data infrastructures to support the use of open data for entrepreneurs. Most research that is being conducted in the group uses qualitative methods, such as care studies or case surveys, as well as exploratory quantitative methods, including network analysis and text mining. The group is open towards and is experienced in conducting transdisciplinary research.

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