KU Leuven Mobility Research Center

Center of industrial management, traffic and infrastructure
Faculty of Engineering Science

The Leuven Mobility Research Centre, L-Mob, brings together and integrates complementary expertise on mobility, infrastructure, logistics and environment. Within this broad domain, L-Mob focuses on smart mobility: optimization of operational traffic and logistic processes using real-time data; optimization of logistics from a company perspective; development, pricing and financing of infrastructure; land-use mobility interaction; innovative mobility services; optimization of public transport; and mobility indicators and monitoring. The team leader, Prof. dr. ir. Pieter Vansteenwegen is an associate professor at the Centre of Industrial Management, Traffic and Infrastructure and chair of the KU Leuven Mobility Research Center. His research focuses on applications of operations research: the development of more robust public transportation services and the development of metaheuristics for solving complex logistic and public transportation planning problems. Currently, in this team, 5 PhD students are working under his supervision and he was supervisor of 7 successfully defended PhD dissertations.

Applications of operations research to: development of flexible public bus services for smart cities, bus line planning close to practice, routing problems in logistics (orienteering problem, routing problems with profits, metaheuristics), redistribution in bicycle sharing systems.

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