Krakow ELF Group

Astronomical Observatory
Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science

Krakow ELF Group is involved in geophysical and space research studies using Extremely Low Frequency (ELF; 0.03-300 Hz) electromagnetic waves’ measurements. The group is using its ELF stations – built by us in Jagiellonian University – situated in sites with the low electromagnetic noise environment in Poland, USA and Argentina (WERA project; to study electric phenomena in the Earth atmosphere and ionosphere, often connected with thunderstorm activity, Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flushes, solar activity influence on Earth, and reflection of the climatic trends reflecting in the ELF measurements. The group is quite small, with ~2 FTE, including one electronic engineer and ~1,5 scientists, plus international collaborators supervising our ELF stations and contributing to science. The studies are partially carried in collaboration with the small research group in the Electronic Department of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

The ELF measurements carried on by us allow for a wide range of studies in geophysics, space physics and of climate change (see publications at the web page). Unfortunaletly a small size of the group do not allow to efficiently use wealth of observational data we collect from the stations and we would be happy to host researchers who could collaborate with us or independently using these data in their work.

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