Klinger Lab

Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy
Institute of Pharmacy

In the Klinger Lab, we work on the development of polymeric nanoparticles for advanced applications ranging from shape changing nanoparticles as and photonic particles, to nanogels for pharmaceutical and biomedical applications. We focus on such nanomaterials with dynamic properties, i.e. “smart” particles that can change their properties in response to external stimuli. By combining chemical and structural functionality of the particles, we are tailoring properties to specific (biomedical) applications, e.g. drug delivery, bio-catalysis, and bio-mimetics. By combining methods and concepts from various disciplines, members of the team have the opportunity to develop their new materials from start to finish. Beginning with the molecular design and synthesis to the final macroscopic testing.

Research topics in the Klinger group span the fields of polymer chemistry, colloidal and materials sciences, and pharmaceutics. Regarding the development of new polymer nanomaterials, the group has a profound experience in precisely designing the hierarchical properties to a specific task and developing such systems from synthesis to physicochemical and biological characterization. To realize such materials, concepts from synthetic macromolecular chemistry are combined with methods of colloidal chemistry and self-organization. This includes the synthesis and characterization of (macro-) molecular building blocks (e.g. ionic ring opening polymerizations, controlled radical polymerizations), their assembly into nanomaterials (e.g. crosslinking in miniemulsions, self-assembly in solution, film formation), the characterization of the resulting (colloidal) materials (e.g. light scattering, electron microscopy, SAXS etc.), and the demonstration of the respective macroscopic function (also in the biological context). Following a hierarchical approach where we combine molecular functionality with complex morphologies and nanostructures, we are currently working on the following main research topics: 1)Adaptive nanogels for drug transport across challenging biobarriers of skin and mucosa, 2) Shape changing block copolymer particles as artificial actuators, 3) Advanced bio catalytic systems based on compartmentalization of cascade enzymes, 4) Bacteria-responsive nanogels

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