Institut ACTE

Department of Art&Science
Faculty of Arts

Situated on a research axis associating art with the exact sciences, natural sciences and political sciences, this line of research aims to develop, analyse and promote collaborative projects developed jointly by scientists. The research line will federate collaborative initiatives between artist-researchers and scientists who will conceive works together while simultaneously analysing their emergence. The crossing of disciplines will take place at the level of concepts, models, methods and materials. This interdisciplinary approach will make it possible to reconstruct a reality artificially fragmented by the compartmentalization of knowledge and aims at the acquisition of transversal skills. It aims as much at engaging issues in direct relation with the world of art as at opening it to a wider field, that of science.

The line of research first of all calls up the notion of science in three of its major fields: 1. Art & Exact Sciences questions above all mathematical models. It is also interested in the fields of physics, in particular quantum physics, geophysics, astronomy, and nanotechnology; 2. Art & Natural Sciences deals with life sciences; 3. Art & Political Sciences deals with social sciences in order to question the functioning of society from a political, social and historical point of view.

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