962085. Group of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Department of Material Physics
Faculty of Physical Science

Our group studies novel forms of Floquet engineering that can be applied to cold atom systems in order to simulate interesting physical scenarios and realize exotic states of matter difficult or impossible to find in nature. Suitably designed time-periodic driving can recreate systems such as graphene or quantum Hall bars and can produce new forms of superfluidity and topological matter. The driving of trapped quantum gases can also be used to simulate gravitational systems such as event horizons emitting Hawking radiation or black-hole laser setups releasing periodic trains of solitons. We are also interested in other research topics such as the relation between quantum chaos and entanglement in many-body systems and the exploration of novel phases in bilayer graphene.

Suitable computer support for a theoretical and computational group.

We wish to investigate novel forms of quantum matter obtained by subjecting trapped quantum gases to unconventional forms of time-periodic driving such as periodic modulation of the hopping energy with zero average value or other unusual time profiles of the driving signal. We aim to understand the resulting novel type of noise-driven superfluidity and to explore other unusual variants of low-temperature phases. We are also interested in using Floquet driving to design quantum matter with novel topological properties. From the experience acquired in those simulations, we expect to be able to identify novel forms of probing solid-state nanostructures that may reveal new collective phenomena in condensed matter systems.

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