921379. Group of Mathematics and Quantum Information

Department of Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Analysis
Faculty of Mathematical Science

Quantum technologies are nowadays one of the most promising technologies for the near future. They exploit quantum effects to develop new techniques in fields like cryptography, metrology, material science, pharmacology and many others, which have the potential to go far beyond the current (classical) state of the art. The group “Mathematics and Quantum Information” works in a wide variety of mathematical problems which are motivated by quantum technologies. Some of the most representative ones are:
Topological order and other exotic phases in quantum many body systems.
Bell inequalities, quantum non-locality and applications to quantum cryptography.
Foundations of quantum theory.

The research topic is flexible within the areas of expertise of the group and can be agreed with the candidate in the final proposal. We tentatively suggest the following options:
– Quantum and quantum inspired algorithms for partial differential equations.
– Tensor Network analysis of quantum circuits
– Classification of quantum phases of matter
– Relativistic quantum cryptography
– Quantum computational complexity

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