970721. Group of Anthropology, Diversity and Integration

Department of Social Anthropology & Social Psychology
Faculty of Political Science and Sociology

Our research group aims to understand diversity and promote social integration by studying sexual diversity (LGBTIQ+), homophobia and transphobia, masculinities, religious diversity, gender, and new forms of family. We organize scientific events, conferences and seminars for anyone with an interest in analyzing diversity and integration.
Research is crucial for social transformation. Getting to know how discriminations are constructed is a first step toward overcoming them, building equality and embracing diversity. Transfer of knowledge has been central to our activities. In the field of sexual diversity and gender identity, beyond conducting research, we have designed educational material, training sessions and courses, guides and similar intervention products for institutions and policy makers including the Spanish Ministry of Equality, the National Youth Institute and the cities of Madrid and Málaga. We have also worked with the private sector, surveying and diagnosing the diversity climate in companies such as Telefónica, Banco de Santander and TAP and subsequently offering each organization tailor-made proposals for the implementation of best practices.
Our group uses a sociocultural and anthropological approach as a basis to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research. We engage in interdisciplinary collaboration with scholars from different fields (psychology, education, health, sociology, law, political science, statistics, humanities and social work).

Our research group wil provide the facilities for developing the project (office, computer, printer…) and the means for conducting qualitative and quantitative social research (camera, tripod, recorder…).

The aim of this project is to scale and internationalize LGBTIQ+ research in order to promote respect and social intervention in this field. Our group would hence benefit from the addition of an international academic with experience of working on interdisciplinary and collaborative projects.
Based in our previous experience of researching LGBTIQ+ recognition and respect in different settings (education, health and business), we would like to compare our qualitative and quantitative tools, such as interview guides, checklists, questionnaires and theoretical frameworks, to similar resources produced in other cultural contexts. We hope to enrich our tools through this international comparison.
The second stage of this process would involve networking with other academics and research centers in different parts of the world (focusing on but not restricted to Latin America and Europe) in order to create a flexible, transferable and comparable questionnaire that could be adapted to different geographical realities and scenarios (public and private sector or different ages, for example).
The next step would be to apply this research instrument in various places and settings, including education, health services and workplaces.
We will seek the support of local academic institutions and activist groups, local authorities and businesses in order to achieve our objectives, by contacting these entities and inviting them to participate in this project. The process includes diagnosis and a proposal of measures to develop LGBTIQ+ diversity management. The sustainability of the project will be secured through training and the design of dissemination products including videos, recommendations and guides.

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