Ets Simonis & Reprocover

Reprocover is a manufacturer of recycled composite products for roads and railways. For the roads we manufacture: “access chamber, fire hydrant pot & surface box” & for the railways: “cross over, walkover, cable gutter & cover for concrete cable gutter”. Reprocover is one of the only society in the world which can recyled thermoset polymers! It is on these aspects that Reprocover intervenes, proposing an alternative to products that are too heavy, difficult to install and too fragile. If our products are light, it’s because composite materials are twice as light as concrete and three times more than cast iron. If they are easy to install, it is by combining their lightness with a simple design, which make the manipulation easy by the men and women who handle them. The sustainability of the products is therefore in terms of long-term costs while allowing you to go further in your environmental requirements by using the circular economy with us.

We are a family company with 18 workers. We are also working with different extern specialist and nearly all external laboratory for all the technical question. We are always looking to find the best collaborators in order to response the best way as possible to the client! We are always open for new idea and we always want to develop more!

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