910309. Effective Theories, Particle Physics and Cosmology

Faculty of Physical Science

Members of the group include: Antonio Dobado González, Angel Gómez Nicola, José Ramon Peláez Sagredo, Antonio López Maroto, Felipe Llanes Estrada, Ignazio Scimemi, Jose Alberto Ruiz Cembranos, Juan Jose Sanz Cillero, Luis Garay, Mercedes Martín-Benito, Prado Martin Moruno.

We carry on a broad program of research in Field Theory, Particle Physics, Cosmology and adjacent areas. The leit-motiv is the use of effective theories. Applications of Effective Theories in Modern Physics:

QCD and Hadronic Physics: chiral symmetry, TMD, QCD at hadron colliders (LHC, EIC, etc.), spectroscopy, finite temperature and density, etc.

Cosmology: Modified theories of gravity (Vector-tensor theories and f(R) theories), Dark energy, Dark matter indirect detection, Black holes thermodynamics, etc.

Weak interactions and beyond: branons, extra dimensions, symmetry breaking sector in strong interaction, etc.

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