Criminal Law and Criminology

Department of Criminal Law
Faculty of Law

We are research of one professor, two research , four doctoral students and a post-doc in salaried positions as well as several other PhD students and another post-doc with scholarships. We are set at the Department of Law of Freie Universität in Berlin-Dahlem and enjoy the department’s infrastructure.

Our main research interest is legal and empirical prison research, but we are also invested in juvenile justice, punishment & society, restorative justice and crimes of the powerful in research and teaching. We have a vast network of partners in Europe as well as North and South America and have international guests on regular basis. Currently, members of the team are involved in an interdisciplinary French-German research project on penal cultures as well as the COST Action Justice 360 on the domestic impact of international criminal law. In addition, we are involved in criminal policy advocacy and in activism. We are working with groups and individuals from the U.S. in the criminal justice reform movement, the professor is president of the German Probation Association, an organisation for working with offenders and criminal justice advocacy, and members of the group are running a not-for-profit organisation that develops and offers activities with prisoners in the Berlin prison estate.

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