Cognitive Psychology Research Group

Department of Brain & Cognition
Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

The Cognitive Psychology research group is a part of the Brain & Cognition research unit of the KU Leuven (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences). Currently, our lab exists of 6 PhD students and 1 postdoc. Our own lab has a EEG set-up (BioSemi 64 active electrodes), an a NeXus-10 and Empatica E4 to measure physiological measures. We also have access to labs for behavioral measurements, fMRI and virtual reality infrastructure.

The group of Eva Van den Bussche focuses on the cognitive (neuro)science of cognitive control. Instead of approaching cognitive control from an artificial, intraindividual and static stance, we aim to study how we exert cognitive control in the complex context that surrounds us. We use a combination of behavioral paradigms with EEG and fMRI methodology. Our recent research has resulted in important insights into the neural underpinnings of reactive and proactive cognitive control both in healthy adults (e.g., Aben et al., 2019, NeuroImage) and in clinical populations (e.g., Muscarella et al., 2019, Sleep). In our current and future work , a focus lies on working with elderly and clinical populations (e.g., patients with Parkinson’s disease, patients with mild or subjective cognitive impairment). Furthermore, our work is evolving towards studying the bidirectional effect of cognitive control on motor control (i.e., concurrent thinking and doing) and on social aspects of cognitive control exertion.

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