Department of History
Faculty of History

Sirice is a laboratory specializing in the history of contemporary international relations and foreign worlds. We come from 3 different institutions: Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Sorbonne University and the CNRS. We will be delighted to welcome a post-doctoral student coming from the Complutense University for a short-term period or a longer stay (one year max). We can provide him/her an office with all facilities, on the Condorcet campus. The post-doctoral student has to be able to interact with the members of the lab in English or French and he/she will be offered to take part in seminars or scientific meetings.

Our research is organized around the object «Europe», that we study in a broad perspective from the 19th century to the present days. Long term history, present time history, comparative approach, internationalist approach as well as connected history are welcome in our lab. We focus on different topics: – International relations, globalization and regionalization, using variable scales that include areal researches (Germany, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia) as well as intra- and extra-European relations studies. – Practices and political cultures, putting the emphasis on “citizenship” and “peace”, both understood through their intellectual and ideological dimensions and their practices. – Europe as a material civilization in transition: flows, consumption, crises and resilience. – Wartime, traces and War territories. We understand War as a process: from the path to war to the war itself to its resolution. But we are also interested in reconciliation processes and their limits regarding peace construction. – Last, a gendered history of Europe, where gender relations constitute a structural element of the definition of the European political, economic, and cultural space.

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