Medicinal Gardens S.L.


Medicinal Gardens SL, known commercially as Baïa Food, is an Innovative SME with a strong R&D investment. The company has a DTC business line with a market place ( and offers organic superfoods, proprietary plant-based powder blends and is developing with an industry partner ready-to-drink organic plant-based protein beverages. The R&D line of the company focuses on the capacity of a West African berry (Synsepalum dulcificum) to modulate flavors and modify taste perception in humans. The active glycoprotein called miraculin is a homodimer of 44KDa which binds selectively to the human sweet taste receptors and activate them at a low pH, due to a change in conformation. The company is presently in the process of authorization of Miractin®, a proprietary standardized extract (>1.5% miraculin) which has proved the safety in a battery of 5 in vitro (mutagenicity & micronucleus) and in vivo studies (micronucleus, acute and sub-chronic toxicity) and the Novel Food dossier was submitted to the European Food Safety Authority at the end of 2018. We expect to be granted the 5-year exclusive market authorization by the end of 2020. Currently, the R&D department is composed of 3 pre-docs, conducting their Ph.D. in different areas related to the novel food: allergenicity and immunogenicity, extraction and purification and cell activity of polyphenolic-rich the extracts. Apart from that, we have two students performing their master’s thesis.

Medicinal Gardens S.L. is an innovative SME. The 2 directors and co-founders are entrepreneurs Loan Bensadon (BSc. in Pharmacy) and Guillermo Milans del Bosch (BSc. in BA & Laws). Two persons compose the Quality control and New Product Development Department of Baïa (lead by Guillermo). The R&D dept. is composed of 3 full-time researchers, 2 interns and the academic tutors of the universities and research centers we collaborate with (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and IMDEA Food). We have the HQ’s office in Madrid and the laboratories at the UPM and IMDEA. The company has received more than 300K € in public funding for R&D and has raised in total an amount of around 1M € in public and private funding.

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