MARMAS GmbH is a recent startup based in Frankfurt. Our aim is to innovate education and bring it to highly qualified and highly educated professionals. To this end, we have developed a portfolio of courses based on active learning that are being very successful. Our strategy for further development is to bring part of the modules on digital platforms. The aim is not to create yet another MOOC platform. We would rather bring to life a completely new approach to education and upskilling. For example, at the moment, we are testing a new approach to «serious games» to train manager in decision making and strategy.

The company is very lean and agile. Being a start-up, we are hosted in a co-working space where great innovative ideas are constantly exchanged with other entrepreneurs. To develop our projects, our employee need a desk, a computer, and a lot of creativity and initiative. No other infrastructures are needed.

In order to develop our innovation, we seek brilliant and talented people who have a sound background in one of the following areas:
1- education,
2- software development
3- human/computer interface design
4- machine learning

Would you be a researcher in one of those areas, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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