Eurocybcar S.L.

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EUROCYBCAR -EUROpean CYbersecurity test for CARs- ( posses under a PCT patent the first test that verifies the level of cybersecurity of a vehicle based on two key parameters: on one hand, the PRIVACY OF DATA of the people travelling on board and on the other hand, and even more important, the ease of access to systems that intervene in driving and put the LIVES of the occupants or other users at risk. The EUROCYBCAR test is a standardised test protocol for a range of vehicle systems, while attempting to overcome any established protection mechanisms. This analysis will verify the degree of cybersecurity of the components analysed and will highlight the vulnerabilities that could be exploited, compromising the security of the vehicle and its occupants. All the evaluation tests will be carried out using devices external to the vehicle itself, so that attempts will be made to access them remotely via mobile phone networks or RF connections, Wifi, Bluetooth… or physically via the CAN-Bus… Web applications and mobile device apps offered by the brands to remotely manage car connectivity functions will also be analysed.

Located at Madrid and Vitoria-Gasteiz

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